Booking is here! At last!!

May 20, 2018

So I've managed to sort the booking system out...feel free to book in, if you register you can see your bookings, cancel or rearrange them whenever you want when you log in. 




Sooooo..... here's how you book an appointment.  Go to and there you will see at the top of the page Book Online, click on that and you will find all my services, click on the service you want and it will say Book It, click on that and it will say Book Now, click that and a calendar will appear, click on the date you want and it will come up with times that are available for each date, click on the date and time you want then Next, Add your Info, it needs your name, email and phone number, click Next, it will say, Pay Now, you don't have to pay now, but you can if you want, it will then come up with PayPal with which you can pay with card or your Paypal account, or if you wish it will say Pay in Person, click that and it will automatically send you an email.  So that's it!  I hope that's clear....I'm pretty sure if I can do it anyone can!  I hope you find it easy and hopefully it will solve the problem of me double booking everyone coz I'm a donut!  Enjoy!  And in the meantime I will try to figure out how to put on a gallery of my Wall of Fame and other interesting information.... have a great weekend guys xxx


Karen xxx

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