Allergy Testing is Here!!!!

June 3, 2018

Happy to announce I passed my Allergy Testing Exam with a grade A.  So I am now qualified to help you discover what's been making your react, it might not be what you expect.


If you'd like to book an Allergy Testing Consultation you'll need to download and print off my Pre-Consultation form which you will find on my Allergy Testing page on my Website.  Be aware its 14 pages long but 7 of those pages are a food diary which you need to complete on a standard week with any reactions you get and time frames of when they happen...All information I receive from you will be kept confidential and secure.  The more information I can get the more helpful it is in discovering the culprit.


The initial consultation will be approximately an hour and a half long, which will include your first testing using Kinesiology.  I'm so looking forward to be able to help people relieve their suffering of reactions.


I've already started studying for my next course which is Homeopathy!  It's all very interesting and I'm loving getting stuck into the books....funny coz I hated it at school!


Anyways if you think there is anyway I can help you just let me know, I'll be happy to help if I can.





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