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New Treatment coming soon!!!

So I have a new treatment coming soon for August! Henna Brows!

Henna is a natural alternative to brow tinting, Henna will not only colour your eyebrow hair but also stain the skin giving the effect of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo....so if you are sensitive to the traditional hydrogen peroxide tint, if you want a natural alternative, if you are fed up with drawing your eyebrows in but still want immaculate brows, if you fancy having your eyebrows tattooed but don't want the pain, if you have fine eyebrows and would like the effect of a fuller brow, if you have your brows already tattooed but they are fading fast, why not give Henna Brows a try?

For the month of August there will be a special introductory offer with limited availability so book now to avoid disappointment.

Pricing: TBA